welcome to fiction reviewer

I am one person, with a mildly unhealthy obsession with genre fiction.

I read all types of post-apocalyptic fiction, horror, fantasy and urban fantasy, and sci-fi. I review English language ebooks and audiobooks (I do read paperbacks too, but space dictates that I use my Kindle a bit more!)

If you would like an interview with, or to be reviewed by, my tea-loving self, please drop me an email via the submissions page. I don’t have a general turnaround time, but if the submissions page is open, then I will be getting round to you! Reviews on this site will also be posted to GR and Amazon UK (andĀ Audible UK, where applicable).

Not all reviews on this site, are ones that authors have asked for. Many of the titles, I have independently bought for two primary reasons – I love the genre, and I respect the authors. As an author myself, I know that whilst reviews are important, so is the respect of the sale. I have paid many such respects to my fellow authors – and have been blessed to read many great books as a result.

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