About Me

As of writing this, this website is a one-person endeavour. I work full time, and write novels myself, but I love fiction so much that I also can’t resist from paying the men and women who work hard in their genres, the due they deserve. That’s what this site is for – giving the books, audiobooks, and movies that I have enjoyed, a small platform for the internet to perhaps also find and enjoy them.

As I mentioned I’m an author myself. I write under two names – a male pseudonym for my horror fiction, and my own name for my more YA-friendly fantasy offerings. I distribute under the fledling indie press Malevolent Press.

You’ll never see me review my own books here, though I might write the odd blog post here and there on certain characters, plots, and WIP intentions.

If you want to follow my own work more closely, you can find my catalogue at my personal site, www.dawnpeers.com, and you can follow my blog, review, and promotional Tweets (as well as my occasional technology-based rants) at my Twitter feed @dawnpeersauthor